NBA Mock Draft: Final lottery and first-round predictions before the big night

Exploring a few first-round predictions and a final lottery NBA Mock Draft.
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8. San Antonio Spurs (via TOR) - Cody Williams, F, Colorado

After taking a prospect (Stephon Castle) that they believe could be their long-term answer in the backcourt, the Spurs could look to take a safer pick with the No. 8 overall selection in the 2024 NBA Draft. One prospect that could be in play for the Spurs that could make sense as somewhat of a ready-to-contribute prospect is Cody Williams. As a prospect who may not have as high of a ceiling as some of the other big-name prospects in this year's draft class, Williams translates as a potential two-way difference-maker.

The majority of the big questions surrounding Williams revolve around his athleticism and quickness. But as he proved during his freshman season at Colorado, he has a natural skill set that lends itself to being a productive player. As somewhat of an overlooked prospect, one that could potentially fall out of the top 10, Williams would make sense for the Spurs.

As San Antonio begins to build out its foundational core around Victor Wembanyama, Williams could emerge as a strong third or fourth piece for the team moving forward.