NBA Mock Draft 8.0: Hawks, Rockets make a blockbuster swap; Pistons take a risk

The Atlanta Hawks and Houston Rockets make a huge blockbuster swap in a recent NBA Mock Draft.

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24. Cleveland Cavaliers - Bobi Klintman, F, NBL

Heading into the offseason, the Cleveland Cavaliers are likely going to have some major momentum. This is a team that remains a move or two away from being a serious container in the Eastern Conference. The Cavs have certainly taken another step forward in their progression as a team this season and will be looking to do the same this offseason in an attempt to find their last missing piece or two.

With a late first-round pick in the 2024 NBA Draft, one prospect that could make sense for the Cavs as they search for more versatility is Bobi Klintman. The 6-foot-10 wing prospect that is currently playing in the NBL could help this team add another element that they currently don't have on their roster.

Klintman isn't the perfect or most complete prospect, but he does translate to a potential 3-and-D difference-maker at the next level. Even though there are still several aspects of his game that need altering, Klintman does represent a player that could be a worthy gamble at this point in the draft.