NBA Mock Draft 8.0: Hawks, Rockets make a blockbuster swap; Pistons take a risk

The Atlanta Hawks and Houston Rockets make a huge blockbuster swap in a recent NBA Mock Draft.

Kansas v Kansas State
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29. Utah Jazz (via Oklahoma City Thunder) - Izan Almansa, F, G League Ignite

The Utah Jazz are in an interesting situation considering they have another first-round selection in this year's draft class. That means, assuming there isn't a draft day trade, that the Jazz will have five first-round draft selections on their roster from each of the last two seasons. That's quite a bit of pressure for a team that needs to start producing if they realistically want to pivot toward a win-now team during the Lauri Markkanen t

Though it won't be easy, there is a pathway in which the Jazz can compete for a playoff spot in the Western Conference this upcoming season. Quite frankly, realistically, if they want to get to that point, you'd have to assume they're going to target some sort of veteran difference-maker at some point this offseason.

The Jazz may have some interesting decisions to make over the course of the next few months. Picking a direct path forward may be a part of those questions. How desperate are the Jazz to compete next season; that could be their ultimate question to answer this summer.