NBA Mock Draft 8.0: Hawks, Rockets make a blockbuster swap; Pistons take a risk

The Atlanta Hawks and Houston Rockets make a huge blockbuster swap in a recent NBA Mock Draft.

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30. Boston Celtics - Kyshawn George, G, Miami

With the final pick in the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft, the Boston Celtics, who could very much be coming off an NBA Championship, could take a flier on a high-ceiling prospect who may not be in many mock drafts. That player could be Kyshawn George. The 6-foot-7 Miami guard could measure well in pre-draft workouts if he at least tests the draft market. If he has a good enough showing, there's a real chance he could emerge as a worthy first-round selection.

Especially for a team like the Celtics, this is a pairing that could make a ton of sense. George could develop behind the scenes and with arguably the most talented rosters in the league. There's no guarantee that George will make the move to the NBA but if he does, there are certainly going to be teams interested in his potential.

The Celtics don't have many holes on their roster and depending on how this season ends, this is a team that will likely just be retooling or reloading during the offseason. Using their late first-round pick on somewhat of a project could be the way to go for the Celtics.

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