NBA Mock Draft 8.0: Hawks, Rockets make a blockbuster swap; Pistons take a risk

The Atlanta Hawks and Houston Rockets make a huge blockbuster swap in a recent NBA Mock Draft.

Kansas v Kansas State
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9. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Houston Rockets) - Matas Buzelis, F, G League Ignite

The Oklahoma City Thunder will be looking to make a deep playoff run in the Western Conference this season. However, if they do end up falling short of their team goals heading into the playoffs, they're going to have a chance to add another strong talent via their top 10 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. With this first-round pick, the Thunder could take a flyer on G league Ignite prospect Matata Buzelis.

Buzelis is an extremely raw prospect and even though he shown the ability to do a bit of everything on the offense of the end of the floor, there are some questions about him as an NBA prospect defensively. Additionally, there's no guarantee that he is going to be great at any one aspect at the next level. And that could be a red flag for a prospect that is projected to be taken in the top 10.

That could limit his ceiling and make teams shy away from selecting him in the top 10. However, a team like the Thunder should not be afraid to take a gamble on a prospect like Buzelis. Especially if they believe that they could get the most out of him when it comes to his future development.