NBA Mock Draft 11.0: Houston Rockets make blockbuster trade after landing No. 1 overall pick

The Houston Rockets make a huge blockbuster trade after earning the No. 1 overall pick in our latest NBA Mock Draft.
Colorado v Florida
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17. Toronto Raptors (via Indiana) - Tristan Da Silva, F, Colorado

With a second first-round pick, the Toronto Raptors could look to add some depth to their frontcourt as they continue to rework their roster around Scottie Barnes. One intriguing prospect who has already made some ways in moving up NBA Draft boards of late is Tristan Da Silva. Somewhat of an underrated draft prospect, I'd imagine Da Silva has a chance to be selected in the top 20 of this year's NBA Draft.

Da Silva is one of those do-it-all players that every NBA team would love to have on their roster. He isn't particularly great at any one thing but is able to fit in with any system. There are questions about his athleticism heading into the NBA but Da Silva has always found a way to make a difference in other aspects of his game.

Da Silva is coming off back-to-back breakout seasons at Colorado in which he averaged 16 points and five rebounds per game on 49 percent shooting from the field and 40 percent shooting from 3-point range during his senior season for the Buffaloes. The Raptors could take a chance on him late in the first round.