NBA Mock Draft 11.0: Houston Rockets make blockbuster trade after landing No. 1 overall pick

The Houston Rockets make a huge blockbuster trade after earning the No. 1 overall pick in our latest NBA Mock Draft.
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27. Minnesota Timberwolves - Carlton Carrington, G, Pittsburgh

After a strong season in which the Minnesota Timberwolves have emerged as one of the best young teams in the Western Conference, this is a team that will be looking to add to their already strong core with this late first-round pick. Finding a diamond in the rough at this point in the NBA Draft could prove to be difficult but one prospect that could be worth the risk late in the first round is Carlton Carrington. As a 6-foot-5 freshman, Carrington averaged 14 points, five rebounds, and four assists per game on 41 percent shooting this past season at Pittsburgh.

With the potential to translate as a difference-making offensive player at the next level, the Wolves could view Carrington as a potential contributor off the bench in the future. The big question for Carrington heading into the NBA is whether he can improve enough on the defensive end of the floor where he can be a mainstay on the floor.

The Wolves are a team that is very much headed in the right direction. If they are able to add another contributor or two this offseason, this is a team that could continue to play a big factor in the Western Conference. Perhaps Carrington could be one of those pieces.