NBA Mock Draft 11.0: Houston Rockets make blockbuster trade after landing No. 1 overall pick

The Houston Rockets make a huge blockbuster trade after earning the No. 1 overall pick in our latest NBA Mock Draft.
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9. Utah Jazz - Ron Holland, G/F, G League Ignite

As the Utah Jazz prepares to make another top-10 selection in the 2024 NBA Draft, it'll be interesting to see the path that they take. On paper, the Jazz could very much end up targeting a wing player with high upside at this point in the draft. If that's a route they end up taking, one prospect that could make some sense for the rebuilding Jazz is Ron Holland out of the G League Ignite team.

Even though Holland has had his inconsistencies with the G League Ignite, there's no question that his natural talent and high ceiling are exactly what the Jazz could be searching for in a long-term project. Initially, Holland is going to translate as a defensive-minded wing that could feast on the first break.

Because of his athleticism and defensive prowess, there's no question that Holland will be able to carve out a place in the league. The question is, will his offense develop enough that he could potentially emerge as a future star?