NBA Mock Draft 5.0: Miami Heat takes a bold risk in an attempt to lure LeBron James

The Miami Heat decides to roll the dice in a big way in our latest NBA Mock Draft.
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10. Portland Trail Blazers (via Golden State) - Yves Missi, C, Baylor

Selecting Tidjane Salaun with their No. 5 selection in this NBA Mock Draft, the Portland Trail Blazers will have another opportunity to add a high-quality frontcourt player with how the board has fallen in this exercise. One prospect that could be on many teams' radar late in the lottery is Baylor center Yves Missi. The 7-foot freshman is averaging 10 points, six rebounds, and nearly two blocks per game on 63 percent shooting from the field.

For the Blazers, this second first-round pick will be betting on Missi's potential. As soon as he steps into the league, Missi will have the chance to be a defensive anchor. Because of his athleticism and physical makeup, Missi has the chance to be so much more on the offensive end than just a player who cleans up around the rim. The Blazers will be betting on Missi's long-term potential with this selection.

When adding in the fact that Deandre Ayton has been an absolute dud for the Blazers so far this season, averaging near career lows across the board, a selection like this would make that much more sense.