NBA Mock Draft 5.0: Miami Heat takes a bold risk in an attempt to lure LeBron James

The Miami Heat decides to roll the dice in a big way in our latest NBA Mock Draft.
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19. Toronto Raptors (via Indiana) - Kel'el Ware, C, Indiana

It's tough to predict what the next few steps of the retooling will look like for the Toronto Raptors other than re-signing Immanuel Quickley and trying to develop their young core. With a few first-round draft picks in this year's NBA Draft, the Raptors will have the opportunity to truly establish a talented foundation heading into the future. Looking to add to their frontcourt, Kel'el Ware is a target that makes sense for the Raptors.

Ware's trade value is somewhat up in the air at the moment but he has the physical tools and overall skill set where he should be able to cement himself as a late first-round pick. Ware is averaging 14 points, nine rebounds, and nearly two blocks per game on 55 percent shooting from the field and 42 percent shooting from 3-point range. Whether his skill set will translate to the next level is the big question for the NBA draft scouts.

However, he's bound to get a shot as a prospect with intriguing potential. Maybe the Raptors believe they can get the most out of him.