NBA Mock Draft 5.0: Miami Heat takes a bold risk in an attempt to lure LeBron James

The Miami Heat decides to roll the dice in a big way in our latest NBA Mock Draft.
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7. Memphis Grizzlies - Matas Buzelis, G/F, G League Ignite

In what has quickly become a season to forget for the Memphis Grizzlies, it's looking more and more like they're going to enter the 2024 NBA Draft with a top-10 pick in their back pocket. While there's going to be arguments made that instead of making a selection the Grizzlies should use this trade chip to improve the supporting cast around Ja Morant, I also believe taking a high-ceiling prospect with this pick wouldn't be the worst decision.

One prospect that the Grizzlies could take a hard look at with their projected top-10 pick is Matas Buzelis. With the potential to be a difference-making two-way wing, Buzelis could be that third supporting star that the Grizzlies need next to Moran and Desmond Bane. He'd add another element that the team currently doesn't have on their roster on the wing and is an intriguing talent with plenty of upside.

I suppose the big question is whether or not the Grizzlies will want to wait a year or two before he truly blossoms as a prospect. That has to be considered a real question for the future of this team. If Memphis doesn't want to wait out the development of another prospect, perhaps trading the pick makes more sense.