NBA Mock Draft 4.0: Pistons make bold selection at No. 1; Blazers trade into top 3

The Portland Trail Blazers shake up the top 5 with a bold trade in our latest NBA Mock Draft.
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23. Atlanta Hawks (via SAC) - Bobi Klintman, F, NBL

Over the past two seasons, you can make the argument that, accounting for expectations, the Atlanta Hawks have been the most disappointing team in the Eastern Conference. This was a team that was supposed to take off. Seemingly, it's almost as if the team has gone in the complete opposite direction. It's no surprise that heading into the 2024 NBA Draft, anything can be on the table for Atlanta. One player that could be in play for the Hawks is Bobi Klintman.

Heading into the pre-draft process, Klintman is a name to keep an eye on. With his size, skill set, and athleticism, Kilntman has the potential to make a climb up draft boards. If he can continue to show he's a capable offensive player during the rest of the season in the NBL, there's a chance he will climb into the lottery range between now and the NBA Draft.

It's easy to see why the Hawks, who may very well be on the verge of a retooling around Trae Young, could be a soft landing spot for Klintman. If the Hawks are looking to reshuffle some of their supporting cast, Klintman could very well be in the conversation to be selected late in the first round (if he's still available).