NBA Mock Draft 4.0: Pistons make bold selection at No. 1; Blazers trade into top 3

The Portland Trail Blazers shake up the top 5 with a bold trade in our latest NBA Mock Draft.
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3. Portland Trail Blazers (mock trade with WAS) -Alexandre Sarr, F/C, NBL

In this mock trade, the Portland Trail Blazers will send the Washington Wizards Matisse Thybulle and one of their extra 2024 second-round picks to the Washington Wizards in exchange for moving up two spots in the 2024 NBA Draft. Portland moves up to No. 3 and the Wizards are given the No. 5 pick. In an attempt to secure a falling Alexandre Sarr, the Blazers decide to make a tangible move up the draft. In a way, Sarr can be everything that Portland thought it was getting in Deandre Ayton.

For the most part, Ayton has been pretty disappointing as a member of the Blazers. However, Sarr has some of the same potential as Ayton had coming out of college. The sky is the limit for Sarr and I don't think there's a consensus projection for him just yet. Sarr has the potential to be taken anywhere in the top 5 and if he isn't taken No. 1 or 2, there's a chance a team decides to jump up and take him here.

The Blazers accomplish that with this mock trade with the Wizards. Hopefully, this is a move that ends up paying off for Portland a bit better than the acquisition of Ayton has thus far.