NBA Mock Draft: Ranking top 21 high-profile prospects to watch during NCAA Tournament

With the start of March Madness around the corner, we rank the top 21 2024 NBA Draft prospects to keep an eye on.

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12. Ryan Dunn, F, Virginia

If Ryan Dunn isn't the prototypical NBA draft prospect to come out of Virginia, I'm not sure who is. Admittedly, his counting stats may not jump off the screen. But a lot of what makes Dunn the dynamic prospect that he is can't be measured by a stat sheet. When you look at his measurements and athleticism, and what he does on the defensive end, you get the idea that he's probably a better prospect than most are willing to give him credit for being.

With the potential to be a dynamic two-way player at the next level, the 6-foot-8 wing out of Virginia will have the opportunity to showcase his entire skill set over the next couple of weeks. If he can sell teams on his dynamic versatility on the defensive end of the floor, he's likely to be a late first-round draft pick (at the very least).

If during the pre-draft process, he's able to show a more consistent offensive repertoire, there's a very good chance that he could climb into the late lottery. Nevertheless, heading into this week, Dunn is a prospect worth keeping a close eye on.