NBA Mock Draft 7.0: Rising wing has superstar power; Warriors find new star in top 5

As we dig into our latest NBA Mock Draft, a rising star continues to show superstar potential and the Golden State Warriors jump into the top 5.

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13. Chicago Bulls - Isaiah Collier, G, USC

With the possibility that the Chicago Bulls will end up blowing up their roster this offseason, with the likelihood that the team trades Zach LaVine, and without the guarantee that DeMar DeRozan re-signs, there's a chance this team enters the NBA Draft with plenty of needs littered all over their roster. Taking a high risk toward the end of the lottery could be exactly what the Bulls need. One prospect that could make some sense on that front is USC guard Isaiah Collier.

In a vacuum, Collier should probably be a lottery pick. He's shown the ability to be a good scorer in spurts and has the athleticism that will help him translate well to the next level. However, all that said, he's still a below-average 3-point shooter and that could limit him in his development at the next level.

But with the raw talent that Collier has shown, that should be something a team should be willing to roll the dice on. The Bulls should be willing to bet on his long-term potential even though it may take a few years to finally see it pay off.