NBA Mock Draft 7.0: Rising wing has superstar power; Warriors find new star in top 5

As we dig into our latest NBA Mock Draft, a rising star continues to show superstar potential and the Golden State Warriors jump into the top 5.

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2. Washington Wizards - Alex Sarr, C, NBL

It would be greatly beneficial if the Washington Wizards managed to move up in the NBA Draft Lottery. Selecting anywhere in the top 3 would help this franchise as they look to establish a new foundation for the next era of Wizards basketball. One prospect who has also begun to separate himself from the rest of the NBA Draft class is Alex Sarr. Heading into the draft season, Sarr is a player who could very well be taken No. 1 overall once the draft comes around. If the Wizards are able to get him at No. 2 or even No. 3, it'd be a huge win for the team.

While there are still some questions about his offensive potential at the next level, it's his versatility, athleticism, and defensive prowess that will likely get him selected in the top 3. If nothing else, Sarr translates as a difference-maker on the defensive end of the floor. He's shown enough flashes on the offensive end where he would be a worthy selection for the Wizards at No. 2.

Sarr may not be an ultimate franchise-changing prospect but he could be the first piece of a new, talented foundation for the Wizards. More than anything, Washington needs to start collecting building blocks for the future.