NBA Mock Draft 7.0: Rising wing has superstar power; Warriors find new star in top 5

As we dig into our latest NBA Mock Draft, a rising star continues to show superstar potential and the Golden State Warriors jump into the top 5.

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20. Philadelphia 76ers - Tyler Smith, F, G League Ignite

No matter how this season ends, the Philadelphia 76ers will be looking to make a big move during the offseason. They're set up to do so after the James Harden trade, but adding another piece late in the first round of the NBA Draft could be beneficial for the team as they look to retool to a championship level around Joel Embiid. One high-ceiling prospect that could make sense at this point in the draft for the Sixers is G League Ignite forward Tyler Smith.

Smith hasn't shown a ton this season with the G League Ignite thus far but this selection is more about his high-ceiling potential. Smith has natural potential on the offensive end and that's been evident when watching him play this season. If Smith can show improvements on the defensive end of the floor, he'll have a chance to be a true steal in this draft.

Even though Smith has shown signs on the offensive end of the floor, he's very much one of the rawest prospects in this class. But if Smith does end up reaching his potential, he could develop into one of the best players from this draft. The Sixers shouldn't hesitate to take a flier on him late in the first round.