NBA Mock Draft 7.0: Rising wing has superstar power; Warriors find new star in top 5

As we dig into our latest NBA Mock Draft, a rising star continues to show superstar potential and the Golden State Warriors jump into the top 5.

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6. Charlotte Hornets - Ja’Kobe Walter, G, Baylor

The Charlotte Hornets head into the offseason with some work to do when it comes to building around LaMelo Ball (I presume), Brandon Miller, and the rest of the team's young core. With Terry Rozier out the door, it opens the opportunity for the Hornets to add to the backcourt with their projected top 10 pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. If they were to end up with the sixth overall pick in the NBA Draft, Ja'Kobe Walter is a prospect who could be in play for the Hornets.

The big question is whether the Hornets believe that Walter would rightfully complement Ball in the backcourt. If the answer to that question is yes, which it might be considering his playmaking ability, then perhaps Charlotte could look to build out the rest of their team around the trio of Miller, Ball, and Walter.

Twenty-six games into his freshman season at Baylor, Walker is averaging 14 points and five rebounds per game. If there is one concern about his game as he prepares to make the transition to the NBA, it's the fact that Walter is only shooting 39 percent from the field overall and 32 percent shooting from 3-point range.