NBA Mock Draft 7.0: Rising wing has superstar power; Warriors find new star in top 5

As we dig into our latest NBA Mock Draft, a rising star continues to show superstar potential and the Golden State Warriors jump into the top 5.
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8. Memphis Grizzlies - Matas Buzelis, F, G League Ignite

The Memphis Grizzlies could very much end up trading this pick. After all, the Grizzlies are heading into the offseason with a clear need to significantly upgrade the supporting cast around Ja Morant. If they do end up making a selection, I could very much see them taking a big swing with one of the most raw prospects in Matas Buzelis. If the Grizzlies are going to take a gamble, they might as well take the biggest one on the board.

Looking at the landscape of this year's draft class, there's a very real case to be made that Buzelis is one of the biggest high-risk, high-reward players. He has great size, athleticism, and skill set that would theoretically translate to a potential star. At the same time, he hasn't been all that impressive during his time with the G League Ignite team.

But his lack of production and consistent bright moments is unlikely to prevent him from being taken high in this year's draft. I'd have to imagine that teams are going to highlight his potential and I'd be shocked if there wasn't at least one team willing to roll the dice on Buzelis at some point in the middle of the lottery.