NBA Mock Draft 10.0: Tanking Raptors find top 10 gem; Dalton Knecht soars

In a latest NBA Mock Draft, the tanking Toronto Raptors find a gem with their top 10 pick
San Diego State v Connecticut
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2. Washington Wizards - Alex Perth, C, France

It's hard to predict how the Washington Wizards will end up operating once the NBA offseason arrives. For a team that will be looking for foundational pieces heading into the offseason, the Wizards are likely going to approach their projected top 3 pick with an open mind heading into the 2024 NBA Draft. One prospect that may be in play for the Wizards is Alex Perth.

As a 6-foot-11 "center," Perth has the skill set to translate as one of the most versatile bigs in the game. Whether he ends up developing as such remains to be seen, but it's easy to see why there could be plenty of hype surrounding Perth as he prepares to make the jump to the NBA. His offensive skill set certainly needs polishing but the raw foundation is very much evident.

Because of his size, athleticism, and natural defensive abilities, there's a chance that Perth will come in and make a pretty big impact for the Wizards right away. The Wizards and Perth may be a perfect match for each other. Perth will have the opportunity to grow without much pressure if he ends up landing in Washington. That may be the ideal circumstance for any young prospect entering the league.