NBA Mock Draft 10.0: Tanking Raptors find top 10 gem; Dalton Knecht soars

In a latest NBA Mock Draft, the tanking Toronto Raptors find a gem with their top 10 pick
San Diego State v Connecticut
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3. Charlotte Hornets - Dalton Knecht, G, Tennessee

Arguably the biggest name in college basketball this season, Dalton Knecht didn't disappoint during Tennessee's NCAA Tournament run. Even though Tennessee's season ultimately ended in the Elite Eight at the hands of Purdue, Knecht made his presence felt. In what was one of the best performances of the season, Knecht finished with 37 points in the Elite Eight. Throughout the Tournament, Knecht did well in raising his overall draft stock. Over the four NCAA Tournament games, Knecht averaged 26 points and seven rebounds on 40 percent shooting from 3-point range.

If in fact there are few certainties in this year's draft class, it's easy to see why a prospect as dynamic as Knecht could rise up draft boards over the course of the final two months before the actual draft. Will he rise all the way up to No. 3? Who knows. But the Charlotte Hornets could make some sense for Knecht.

The Hornets could use some added star power and his shooting prowess could be a fit next to the playmaking abilities of LaMelo Ball.