NBA Mock Draft 10.0: Tanking Raptors find top 10 gem; Dalton Knecht soars

In a latest NBA Mock Draft, the tanking Toronto Raptors find a gem with their top 10 pick
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6. Toronto Raptors - Stephon Castle, G, UCONN

The Toronto Raptors have done a great job in embracing the tank of late. If they don't move up via the draft lottery, the Raptors are likely going to finish with the No. 6 or 7 overall selection in this year's NBA Draft. I'd imagine the Raptors are going to work hard to find a potential hidden gem at this point in the draft. And with this year's draft class as a big question mark, there's a good chance the Raptors will be able to do so.

With the No. 6 pick in this mock draft, the Raptors luck into Stephon Castle. As a prospect that could be taken in the top 3, Castle is a polarizing player who still very much has to grow into his raw skill set. But if he can and does make strides on the offensive end of the floor, Castle has the chance to be really good at the next level.

And from a logistical standpoint, Castle could emerge as a great fit next to Immanuel Quickley in the backcourt for Toronto. Assuming there's a very real chance that the Raptors end up moving on from Gary Trent Jr. at some point soon, Castle could emerge as a potential long-term replacement.