NBA Mock Draft 10.0: Tanking Raptors find top 10 gem; Dalton Knecht soars

In a latest NBA Mock Draft, the tanking Toronto Raptors find a gem with their top 10 pick
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7. Memphis Grizzlies - Donovan Clingan, C, UCONN

Heading into the offseason, the Memphis Grizzlies will be tasked with the challenge of finding an answer to the frontcourt. While taking him at No. 7 could be considered a bit premature, with the way he played throughout the NCAA Tournament, you can't entirely count out the possibility of the Grizzlies taking Donovan Clingan in the top 10. After moving on from Steven Adams, it was clear that the Grizzlies needed to address this position. With this pick, they could be taking a two-way difference-maker with the 7-foot-2 Clingan.

Right away, Clingan will be a force on the defensive end of the floor. He'll be a rim protector and seal the paint from opposing guards. And if he offers anything in addtion to being a rim-runner on the offensive end of the floor, that will be considered a big win for whoever ends up drafting him.

In a "weak" draft, it wouldn't be that insane to pick players that are proven. For better or worse, Clingan has proven to be a defensive anchor. If nothing else, he can be that for the Grizzlies with this selection.