NBA Mock Draft 6.0: Toronto Raptors jump to No. 1; Grizzlies land robin for Ja Morant

The Toronto Raptors jump up to the No. 1 in our latest NBA Mock Draft 6.0.
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14. New Orleans Pelicans (via Los Angeles) - Tyler Smith, F, G League Ignite

Even though the New Orleans Pelicans are likely going to qualify for the playoffs this season in the Western Conference, there's still a good chance that they end up with a lottery pick, or something close to a lottery pick, thanks to a trade they made previously with the Los Angeles Lakers. With this projected middle-round pick, the Pelicans could take a flier on a talented prospect such as Tyler Smith.

Smith has shown some encouraging signs during his time with the G League Ignite this season but is still very much a non-certainty in this year's draft class. For a team as talented as the Pelicans are, Smith could be a player that the team slides into the backend of the rotation, hoping for him to blossom into the shadows.

And with the continuing uncertainty that revolves around both Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson moving forward, Smith could be a solid addition that brings some insurance to the future of the team in the frontcourt.