NBA Mock Draft 6.0: Toronto Raptors jump to No. 1; Grizzlies land robin for Ja Morant

The Toronto Raptors jump up to the No. 1 in our latest NBA Mock Draft 6.0.
Kentucky v Vanderbilt
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15. Orlando Magic - Dalton Knecht, F, Tennessee

No matter how this season ends for the Orlando Magic, it’s safe to say that this team has taken a step forward in its progression as a franchise. They’re likely going to make the playoffs even if they have to play their way into a via the Play-In Tournament, but even if they don’t win a first-round series there's much to like about this team's potential moving forward.

With a middle-of-the-pack first-round pick, the Magic could add another prospect that could help their chances of taking another step forward in the Eastern Conference next season. One prospect that could make some sense for the emerging Magic is Dalton Knecht. The high-scoring wing out of Tennessee is an intriguing prospect who could make some waves early on during his NBA career if he can get to the right landing spot.

He may not have the high ceiling that some of the other prospects may have in this year's draft class, but he deserves a shot to be taken in the first round, and the Magic, considering the amount of offensive talent they have, could be a soft landing spot that he needs.