NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Wizards snag star building block; Bronny James makes debut

We take a closer look at the Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls in our NBA Mock Draft 2.0.

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13. Oklahoma City Thunder (via LAC) - D.J. Wagner, G, Kentucky

With this second selection in the lottery, this is going to be viewed as a luxury pick for the Oklahoma City Thunder. D.J. Wagner could be a player selected at this point in the draft. Wagner is a big guard with playmaking ability. Here's an easy scouting report on Wagner through his first few games at Kentucky: He does a lot of things well but hasn't been elite at any one aspect of the game. Take that how you want.

Wagner is a talented prospect who has the ceiling to be a good player at the next level. However, that's far from a guarantee at this point. Right now, you can sell me on Wagner being a lottery pick to possibly being selected late in the first round. Then again, there are probably many prospects you can say that about at this point in the draft process.

The Thunder have some big questions to answer heading into the offseason. This is a talented team that needs to pick a path forward. Quite frankly, OKC is not going to be able to keep all their young talented pieces. There's going to be some tough decisions that need to be made if this team truly wants to make the step into contention.