NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Wizards snag star building block; Bronny James makes debut

We take a closer look at the Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls in our NBA Mock Draft 2.0.
Gonzaga v USC
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26. Philadelphia 76ers - Bronny James, G, USC

The Philadelphia 76ers are hoping they could end up making some noise in the Eastern Conference this season but if that doesn't happen, and a difference-making trade doesn't develop for them at the NBA Trade Deadline, perhaps they could look to make a big move during the offseason - starting at the NBA Draft.

With the priority of making a big win-now move during the offseason, could the Sixers have their eyes on the potential of adding LeBron James (who could be a free agent) to team up with Tyrese Maxey and Joel Embiid? One way to do that is to draft Bronny James, the son of LeBron. He's been on record saying he wants to play with his son before he retires. Perhaps the Sixers could give him a path toward doing that.

Let's also not act like Bronny can't be a first-round prospect. In what is being called a "weak" draft, would it be that surprising if Bronny finds a way to carve out a first-round grade for himself? Even if it is with the boost of his father? Let's also not forget that before his cardiac arrest during the summer, there were already whispers that Bronny was going to be a first-round possibility. As he begins his collegiate career, Bronny is certainly a prospect to keep an eye on. All it takes is one team to make the call.