NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Wizards snag star building block; Bronny James makes debut

We take a closer look at the Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls in our NBA Mock Draft 2.0.

Gonzaga v USC
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29. Boston Celtics - Aday Mara, C, UCLA

The Boston Celtics are a loaded team. They are arguably the most top-heavy team in the NBA. It remains to be seen if it ends up paying off for them and if it doesn't, it's largely going to be due to the fact that the Celtics didn't have enough depth. One of the weakest parts of the team is their frontcourt depth. If the Celtics look to address their shortcomings, UCLA center Aday Mara could be a potential target.

Mara is very much a long-term project for the Celtics. But this is the type of move that they generally make toward the end of the first round. In his freshman season, Mara is averaging five points and three rebounds on 55 percent shooting from the field in under 13 minutes per contest. He's raw but the natural talent may be too hard for a team not to take a gamble on.

Drafting Mara is not the move that will pay off anytime soon for the Celtics but it is something that pays dividends a few years down the line. Are they willing to wait to see such a move through?