NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Wizards snag star building block; Bronny James makes debut

We take a closer look at the Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls in our NBA Mock Draft 2.0.

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6. Charlotte Hornets - Ja'Kobe Walter, G, Baylor

With as much young and raw talent as the Charlotte Hornets already have on its roster, it would actually be quite unfair if they managed to get another top 6 pick in the NBA Draft. Nevertheless, with the way they've performed so far this season, that could very well be the reality for the Hornets heading into the 2024 draft. With the team's frontcourt beginning to hit its stride, I'd imagine that the Hornets will try to find a capable long-term running mate for LaMelo Ball.

What he has in his scoring arsenal, he lacks in playmaking. But that's where playing next to Ball could factor into his favor. With the Hornets, he won't have to be the primary playmaker. At least at the start of his career, he can focus more on putting the ball into the basket. And that's something he's proven he has the ability to do.

Walter could end up being a good long-term fit next to Ball. And if the Hornets are looking to retool their roster a bit after this season, Walter could be a big part of their future. At this point in the top 10, Walter would be a worthy selection for the Hornets.