NBA MVP Ladder: 1 clear, yet surprising, favorite as the end of the season arrives

With the end of the regular season on the horizon, there's 1 clear NBA MVP leader.

Milwaukee Bucks v Atlanta Hawks
Milwaukee Bucks v Atlanta Hawks / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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4. Anthony Edwards, Minnesota Timberwolves

As one of the bigger surprises in the Western Conference this season, I don't believe anyone envisioned the Minnesota Timberwolves finishing as one of the three best teams in the Western Conference standings. Nevertheless, with just a handful of regular-season games left, that's exactly where the Wolves are expected to finish. And while the re-emergence of Rudy Gobert has helped a ton on the defensive end of the floor, it's been Anthony Edwards' offensive firepower and his overall leadership that has helped the team take a huge step forward this season.

Heading into the playoffs, the Wolves are going to have a shot to surprise the masses because of Edwards. Even with Karl-Anthony Towns sidelined with an injury, Edwards has kept the Wolves from missing a beat. Because the Wolves have been one of the bigger surprises, Edwards deserves credit.

He may not finish as one of the top-three vote-getters this season but his time could be coming. This could just be the beginning for both Edwards and the Wolves.