NBA: 1 Offseason move every team is already beginning to regret

Every team in the NBA has at least one offseason move that they would like to take back.

Sacramento Kings v Los Angeles Lakers
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Philadelphia 76ers: Not moving James Harden earlier

"Daryl Morey is a liar," said one angry James Harden, who later skipped practices, missed games, and created a media circus. He wasn't wrong, Morey reportedly promised Harden that if he were to take a pay cut, he'd reward him with a max contract in the offseason... and he didn't.

Harden's frustrations were warranted, but the public fit for which he threw was immature and unprofessional. Turns out, the 76ers don't need him to be good at basketball, and they probably should have moved him sooner so this drama didn't bleed into the regular season. They should have moved him immediately and let their two stars, Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey be rid of any possible distractions.

Phoenix Suns: Trading for Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal has not shown up for the Phoenix Suns at all this season. Beal was supposed to form an unstoppable offensive trio of Kevin Durant and Devin Booker. Look at their season thus far, and Beal is missing. He just hasn't played and the Suns have struggled being a cohesive unit. There is still so much experimentation happening and it almost feels like another lost season for Durant.

He can't afford many more lost seasons, and if Beal is going to be a value add to the team, he better find his way on the court, because as of right now, this Beal trade has to be one of the Suns' offseason regrets.