NBA: 1 Offseason move every team is already beginning to regret

Every team in the NBA has at least one offseason move that they would like to take back.

Sacramento Kings v Los Angeles Lakers
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Utah Jazz: Drafting Taylor Hendricks with 9th pick in 1st round

I won't take long on this slide, as we have visited this point before. There were several rookies taken after Taylor Hendricks who have made strong contributions to their respective teams. Hendricks has not been a major contributor to his team this season, so it's easy to see if this might quickly end up being one of the biggest regrets from the 2023 offseason for the Jazz.

Washington Wizards: Trading for Jordan Poole

You didn't think it would be anything else, did you? The Washington Wizards may have made more than one misstep this past offseason, but may not have been worse than the move for Jordan Poole. Remember at one point, NBA analysts actually thought that Poole could lead the league in scoring and become an All-NBA/All-Star caliber player? Well, that's not happening any time soon.

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The struggle bus is here and there's no telling when it's leaving the station. Poole has been inconsistent, inefficient, and disinterested in playing. Look at his teammates when they call for the ball and he ignores them, then pulls up for an ill-advised, contested three. He is deflating the energy of the entire team.