NBA Playoffs: 1 Crucial series-changing X-Factor for every playoff team

Predicting 1 series-changing x-factor for every team heading into the 2024 NBA Playoffs.
Cleveland Cavaliers v Los Angeles Clippers
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Boston Celtics

NBA Playoffs X-Factor: Payton Pritchard

The Boston Celtics have a lot at stake heading into this year's NBA playoffs. Unlike previous years, the Celtics are going to be the unanimous favorite to win the Eastern Conference, and as a whole win the 2024 NBA championship. They've been the most dominant team in the regular season from start to finish and have the most talented roster in the NBA. At the very least, they have the best starting five in the league.

However, as is always the case with NBA champions, if the Celtics are going to win it all this season, they're going to need one of their "others" to step up in a big way. A player who could fit into that role as the Celtics prepare for this postseason run is Payton Pritchard. Aside from the big names in Boston, Pritchard is a player who has stepped up in a big way throughout the season. He's been arguably their best bench player this year.

What the Celtics have to like most about Pritchard is that he isn't going to shy away from the big moment and already has some playoff experience under his belt. Heading into the NBA playoffs, you have to imagine that there's going to be at least one "Pritchard" game for the Celtics.