NBA Playoffs: 1 Crucial series-changing X-Factor for every playoff team

Predicting 1 series-changing x-factor for every team heading into the 2024 NBA Playoffs.
Cleveland Cavaliers v Los Angeles Clippers
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Milwaukee Bucks

NBA Playoffs X-Factor: Khris Middleton

As one of the most polarizing teams heading into the NBA playoffs, it's almost impossible to predict what to expect from the Milwaukee Bucks in their first-round playoff series against the Indiana Pacers. On paper, the Bucks should be able to pretty handily overwhelm the Pacers in this series. However, with the way, the Bucks have played down the stretch, and the uncertainty that revolves around Giannis Antetokounmpo's status, it may not be smart to overlook the Pacers' chances.

Especially with how inconsistent the Bucks have been defensively this year, coupled with how good the Pacers can be on offense when hitting on all cylinders, this is certainly a series to keep an eye on. For the Bucks, one potential x-factor that may have to arise is Khris Middleton. As a former All-Star player, the Bucks may need a big performance from Middleton to advance.

The good news for the Bucks is that if he's healthy, Middleton still has the capability to take over not only a playoff game but a series. The question is, will he be able to do it against the Pacers?