NBA Power Rankings: Boston Celtics look vulnerable; Knicks rounding back into form?

We dive into our latest NBA Power Rankings with just a couple of weeks before the start of the NBA Playoffs.

Boston Celtics v New York Knicks
Boston Celtics v New York Knicks / Steven Ryan/GettyImages
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26. San Antonio Spurs

Led by Victor Wembanyama, who has been every bit as good as advertised, the San Antonio Spurs look very much to be on the right path. It's become pretty clear that Wemby is going to be a really good player for a very long time. Now that the Spurs hit that NBA Draft selection out of the park, you can make the argument this is where the difficult part begins. The Spurs will now be tasked with the job of building around Wemby. Making times, that could be viewed as the most difficult part of the process back to relevancy.

Heading into the offseason, the Spurs will likely make their first big move in this direction. While they do have an already talented young core around Wemby, it'd be shocking if this team didn't explore a somewhat big retooling of the roster this offseason. There are even many who expect the Spurs to target a star player in hopes of skipping a few steps in their development heading into next season.

Either way, no matter what the Spurs end up doing during the offseason, there's no question that many will be expecting San Antonio to take a big step forward next season.