NBA Power Rankings: Buying the Mavs in the West; Clippers finally turning corner?

Are the Dallas Mavericks for real and have the LA Clippers finally turned the corner?

Los Angeles Lakers v Dallas Mavericks
Los Angeles Lakers v Dallas Mavericks / Tim Heitman/GettyImages
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14. LA Clippers

Don't look now, but the LA Clippers might have begun to turn things around. After an extremely rough start after the acquisition of James Harden, for the first time in a while things are beginning to look up for the Clippers. Over the course of the last 14 games, the Clippers are 11-3 and have won six straight games of late. In the last couple of weeks, the Clippers have beaten the Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors, and Denver Nuggets.

The Clippers are not beating up on bad teams, but have some solid wins in their recent turnaround. In the last 14 games, the Clippers have a top 3 defense and a top 5 net rating in the NBA. There are signs that the Clippers are beginning to figure this entire Harden situation out.

The big question is whether LA will be able to keep this up moving forward. That will be the key for this team heading into the NBA Trade Deadline. I still don't believe that a big move from LA at the trade deadline is off the table. However, this team is beginning to play a ton better. And that's a great sign.