NBA Power Rankings: Are the New York Knicks equipped to take down Boston Celtics?

Are the New York Knicks the second-best team in the Eastern Conference at the midway point of the season?

Minnesota Timberwolves v New York Knicks
Minnesota Timberwolves v New York Knicks / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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16. Phoenix Suns

Even though this season hasn't gone exactly as the Phoenix Suns hoped it would, it's not too late for this team to get hot and make a big move up the Western Conference standings. The Suns are somehow within striking distance of the top seed in the West and are just three games out of the fifth seed. Before the season, the goal for the Suns was to be the best team in the league, finishing with the best record in the West. However, if the Suns can figure out how to enter the playoffs with homecourt advantage in the first round, that has to be considered a win for the team. Especially with how they started off the year.

Of course, a big part of that happening will depend on health. If the Suns can stay healthy and just find some rhythm together, this is a team that can get hot in the second half of the season. Talent is not a problem for the Suns.

You can question their depth and whether or not they're good enough on the defensive end to win a title. However, this team's top-tier talent can match up with any other team in the league.