NBA Power Rankings: New York Knicks the favorites after bold trade deadline moves?

As we dive into our latest NBA Power Rankings, it's hard to ignore the New York Knicks as a legit championship contender in the Eastern Conference.
Miami Heat v New York Knicks
Miami Heat v New York Knicks / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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15. Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers were involved in two of the bigger moves ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline in which they acquired Pascal Siakam from the Toronto Raptors and then traded Buddy Hield to the Philadelphia 76ers. In the end, the trade deadline as a whole was a win considering they added an All-Star caliber player next to Tyrese Haliburton. Even if the Pacers aren't able to accomplish much this season heading into the final push toward the playoffs, this is a team that now has a solid foundation to build around.

Over the next 2-4 years, the Pacers are going to factor in the Eastern Conference as long as Haliburton and Siakam are involved. And if they're able to add another piece or two in the offseason or at next year's NBA Trade Deadline, this is a team that could emerge as a potential dark horse threat.

With the way the East is stacked this season, it's hard to envision the Pacers making much noise in the postseason. But, at the same time, I'd have a hard time finding a contender who will want to see this team in the first round.