NBA Power Rankings: New York Knicks the favorites after bold trade deadline moves?

As we dive into our latest NBA Power Rankings, it's hard to ignore the New York Knicks as a legit championship contender in the Eastern Conference.
Miami Heat v New York Knicks
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13. Dallas Mavericks

Over the course of the final few weeks before the NBA Trade Deadline, it quickly became apparent that the Dallas Mavericks were desperate to make a splash deal in an attempt to boost their way into the playoffs. After missing out on Pascal Siakam and then not finding a deal to acquire Jerami Grant or Kyle Kuzma, the Mavs decided to trade Grant Williams as part of a package for PJ Washington. In what may be viewed as a completely unnecessary, non-upgrade type of move, you can't fault the Mavs for at least attempting to shake up the roster.

And if the reports are accurate that the Mavs were pressing to trade Williams, Washington as a return is not that bad. Perhaps he ends up being a better fit next to Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic. I'm not sure if this move is big enough to move the needle for the Mavs but it's better than sitting on their hands and doing nothing.

The Mavs certainly have some ground to make up in the Western Conference over the final stretch of the regular season. Whether or not they'll be able to close on a strong note remains to be seen.