NBA Power Rankings: Will any team dethrone the Celtics or Nuggets in NBA Playoffs?

As we close the regular season, the Denver Nuggets and Boston Celtics appear on a collision course for the NBA Finals.
Boston Celtics v Denver Nuggets
Boston Celtics v Denver Nuggets / Brendall O'Banon/Clarkson Creative/GettyImages
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21. Chicago Bulls

Even though the Chicago Bulls still managed to qualify for the NBA Play-In Tournament in the Eastern Conference, it's hard to be encouraged about this team heading into the offseason. Big changes are likely coming this summer and they're all going to be triggered by a potential trade of Zach LaVine. The Bulls have made it clear that they're ready to move on from the LaVine era and as soon as they get a deal of their liking, they're going to pull the trigger on a deal. Whether that takes place this offseason remains to be seen. In a perfect world, however, the Bulls will be able to make that happen in the next few months.

If the Bulls want to successfully retool or rebuild their roster, they need to move forward from LaVine. Refusing to do so is only going to delay the inevitable. Chicago needs to come to the realization that they might need to take a big step forward in their build if they want to raise the ceiling for the franchise moving forward.

The Bulls are not in a bad place as a franchise. At the same time, this team needs a new identity. And that needs to be found this offseason.