NBA Power Rankings: Will any team dethrone the Celtics or Nuggets in NBA Playoffs?

As we close the regular season, the Denver Nuggets and Boston Celtics appear on a collision course for the NBA Finals.
Boston Celtics v Denver Nuggets
Boston Celtics v Denver Nuggets / Brendall O'Banon/Clarkson Creative/GettyImages
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27. San Antonio Spurs

Even though the San Antonio Spurs are going to close this season with one of the worst records in the NBA, this young team might have the best outlook heading into the offseason. With another projected top 5 pick, the Spurs will also have the ability to use cap space and trade bait to continue to build around Victor Wembanyama. After a historic NBA Rookie of the Year campaign, Wemby is on the precipice of NBA superstardom and is expected to take an even bigger step forward heading into this sophomore season.

With how well Wemby played this season, defying all odds and naysayers, the Spurs will enter the offseason with a golden opportunity. They'll have the luxury and flexibility to go all in during Wemby's "cheap years." The fact that Wemby is pretty much a superstar on a rookie deal, the Spurs are going to have a cheat code over the next few seasons. Whether or not they'll be able to take advantage of that remains to be seen.

However, heading into the summer, there's no question that the Spurs could be one of the more aggressive teams as they look to build around Wemby.