NBA Power Rankings: Will any team dethrone the Celtics or Nuggets in NBA Playoffs?

As we close the regular season, the Denver Nuggets and Boston Celtics appear on a collision course for the NBA Finals.
Boston Celtics v Denver Nuggets
Boston Celtics v Denver Nuggets / Brendall O'Banon/Clarkson Creative/GettyImages
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24. Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors are another team that remains in transition as a franchise. After making the decision to pivot towards a retooling of the roster around Scottie Barnes mid-season, the Raptors traded OG Anunoby and Pascal Siakam before this past year's NBA Trade Deadline. In return, the Raptors added RJ, Barrett, Immanuel, Quicklye, and Bruce Brown, amongst other pieces (including draft capital) to their core.

Whether or not this team is talented enough to make a potential playoff run in the Eastern Conference next season remains to be seen. However, their actions once the offseason begins will tell us just how strongly the front office feels about the core that they've established since making the pivot towards building around Barnes.

if nothing else, the Raptors are talented and we have plenty of flexibility heading into the next few years. With how many assets and young pieces the Raptors have in place, this is a team that will have their choice of how to proceed forward as a franchise. Maybe next season ends up being a feeling-out year before making another big move.