NBA: Ranking the 20 projected playoff teams based on their record vs. winning teams

With the NBA Playoffs around the corner, we begin to rank the 20 projected postseason qualifiers based on their record vs. winning teams.
Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Lakers
Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Lakers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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14. Orlando Magic (15-21)

The Orlando Magic have been one of the bigger surprises in the Eastern Conference this season and seem to be getting even stronger as we inch closer and closer to the start of the NBA Playoffs. With the Cleveland Cavaliers dealing with injuries once again, you can't help but wonder if the Magic can get hot enough that they could potentially catch them for the third seed in the Eastern Conference standings.

Looking at their record against teams with winning records, it's easy to say that the Magic have beaten up lesser teams so far this season. However, they can only play the teams that are on their schedule. And we will truly see just how primetime-ready this team is once the playoff lights are turned on.

Even if the Magic end up faltering in a big way in the playoffs, they're going to gain some extremely valuable experience that will certainly come in handy down the line. This year has been a resounding success for Orlando and there's nothing that can change that over the last few weeks of the season.