NBA: Ranking 5 hottest and 5 coldest playoff teams since the All-Star Break

Which projected playoff teams are the hottest and coldest with the NBA Playoffs on the horizon?

Boston Celtics v Chicago Bulls
Boston Celtics v Chicago Bulls / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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(Coldest) 4. LA Clippers (8-10)

As somewhat of a surprise, the LA Clippers have taken a few steps back over the past couple of months of the season. Especially since the NBA All-Star Break, the Clippers are no longer playing like a team that has a chance to make a deep run in the Western Conference playoffs. For whatever reason, this team has severely struggled on the defensive end since the break. They're currently a bottom 5 team on that end of the floor.

If that continues to be the case heading into the playoffs, this team doesn't have much of a chance to keep pace with the likes of the Denver Nuggets in a seven-game series. It's interesting because, on paper, the Clippers have the talent and enough depth, when healthy, to be a championship contender in the West.

And interestingly enough, this team was playing like a contender for much of the regular season. However, for whatever reason, the Clippers have hit a rough patch in the year. Heading into the final three weeks before the playoffs, this team desperately has to break out of this funk before it's too late.