NBA: Ranking 5 hottest and 5 coldest playoff teams since the All-Star Break

Which projected playoff teams are the hottest and coldest with the NBA Playoffs on the horizon?

Boston Celtics v Chicago Bulls
Boston Celtics v Chicago Bulls / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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(Coldest) 3. Atlanta Hawks (8-8)

The Atlanta Hawks have to be considered one of the more frustrating teams to root for. On paper, they have enough talent to compete with any team on any given night, and we've seen that all throughout this season. However, it's been their consistent inconsistency that has plagued this team all season long. The Hawks are likely going to qualify for the Play-In Tournament but will have a tall task in qualifying for one of the final playoff spots in the Eastern Conference.

Because of their inconsistencies, and the fact that Trae Young has missed the last few weeks due to an injury, it's no surprise that the Hawks have been one of the East "playoff" teams that have struggled the most. Assuming Young returns before the end of the season, I suppose you can't count the Hawks out in a one-game sample. At the same time, with how they've played this season, it's also difficult to have any level of expectations on this team down the stretch.

No matter how their season ends, I'd imagine there's going to be some big changes made by the Hawks this offseason.