NBA: Ranking 7 most dangerous lower seeded teams that could make a Finals run

Ranking seven of the most dangerous lower seeded teams that could end up making an NBA Finals run.

Phoenix Suns v Oklahoma City Thunder
Phoenix Suns v Oklahoma City Thunder / Joshua Gateley/GettyImages
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4. Los Angeles Lakers

It's easy to throw the Los Angeles Lakers on this list because we just saw them make a somewhat unlikely run to the conference finals last season. As a seventh seed, the Lakers upset the Memphis Grizzlies and Golden State Warriors before being swept by the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals last year. If the bracket lines up the right way, it wouldn't be surprising for the Lakers to go on a similar run.

If LeBron James and Anthony Davis are healthy, this is a team that is easily going to be able to make some noise in the playoffs, even more so if they are lucky enough to avoid the Denver Nuggets in a potential first-round series. Right now, it's hard to feel great about the Lakers' chances in the playoffs. However, you have to give them the benefit of the doubt because of their dynamic duo.

While there may not be many expecting the Lakers to go on another dream playoff run, you also have to respect this team because of their talent, experience, and the fact that this team is better (on paper) than they were at this point last season. Whether that will lead to another successful playoff run remains to be seen.