NBA Report Cards: Celtics pass with flying colors; Warriors lack an identity

Handing out NBA regular season report cards as we flip the page to the start of the NBA Playoffs.
Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors
Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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Golden State Warriors

Regular season grade: D+

Looking at how the Golden State Warriors performed this regular season, there's little to feel good about. And that reflects their "D+" grade more than anything. Heading into this year, the hope was that the Warriors could potentially reemerge as a potential championship contender in the Western Conference. Simply put, that didn't happen. As the Warriors began to lean a bit more on their younger players, there wasn't that spark that perhaps the franchise believed there would be. In fact, at this point, the Warriors have even more questions about their future than they did at the beginning of the season.

Even if the Warriors become the first 10th seed in Play-In Tournament history to qualify for the NBA Playoffs, there's no reason to believe they could make any type of noise in a potential first-round series against a much better team.

For the first time in a very long while, nearly every prognosticator has to be down on the Warriors. This is a team that has lost its identity and one that could be on the verge of some big changes this offseason.