NBA Report Cards: Celtics pass with flying colors; Warriors lack an identity

Handing out NBA regular season report cards as we flip the page to the start of the NBA Playoffs.
Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors
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Sacramento Kings

Regular season grade: B-

Heading into this season, it was almost impossible to predict the type of season the Sacramento Kings were going to have. Even though they took a big step forward in their progression last year, they lost in the first round of the NBA Playoffs at the hands of the Golden State Warriors. After less than desired end to last year, the Kings pretty much picked up where they left off last season. They ended with a similar record but are likely looking at another first-round playoff loss this season.

Even though it seems as if this season is going to end in disappointment again, especially as a more established team this year, you can't really fault the Kings all that much. In what appears to be a much more improved Western Conference, especially compared to last year, Sacramento pretty much won the same amount of games. Even though they enter the playoffs as a worse seed, that has more to do with the competition in the West than it has to do with the Kings.

Sacramento didn't take a huge step forward but also didn't take a step back. That's why a "B+" grade seems right for the Kings.