NBA Report Cards: Celtics pass with flying colors; Warriors lack an identity

Handing out NBA regular season report cards as we flip the page to the start of the NBA Playoffs.
Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors
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Detroit Pistons

Regular season grade: D-

Putting it lightly, it's been a season to forget for the Detroit Pistons. Entering this season, the hope was that the Pistons would be able to take a step forward in their progression and potentially emerge as a potential dark horse playoff team in the Eastern Conference. After the first few games of the season, it quickly became apparent that wasn't going to happen. And, instead, the Pistons are going to end the season with the worst record in the NBA. Not only did the Pistons not take a step forward in their progression as a team, but you can make the argument that they took a huge step back.

So much so that heading into the offseason, nothing is completely off the table for the Pistons. For a team that has invested so much in the young core that they've compiled over the last few years, it has to be a terrible feeling to be back at square one.

The Pistons didn't get a complete failing grade because there were some individual bright spots for the team. However, I'm not sure the Pistons are any better than they were at the start of the season. In fact, the team's outlook may be worse.