NBA Rookie of the Year Power Rankings: Top contenders revealed ahead of stretch run

NBA award season predictions for Rookie of the Year.

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4. SF: Jaime Jaquez Jr., Miami Heat

Jaime Jaquez Jr. was previously considered a player who was good at many things, but not exceptional in any one area. However, the Miami Heat saw potential in him and drafted him with the 18th pick in the NBA draft. Since joining the team, Jaquez Jr. has seamlessly fit in with the Heat's playing style and has demonstrated the qualities and characteristics that are expected from a Heat player.

Initially considered a valuable bench player when he entered the draft, Jaquez Jr. has played in 55 games this season and started 17 of them. He has an average of 12.7 points per game, 4.0 rebounds per game, and 2.6 assists per game while maintaining decent field goal shooting percentages.

Jaquez Jr. has exceeded all expectations placed upon him. He is a gritty and athletic player who possesses great awareness of his position on the court. Coach Spo trusts players who put in the effort and perform well during games. Jaquez Jr. has earned his minutes on the court through hard work and determination, and he has proven that good things come to those who make the most of their opportunities. Kudos to Jaquez Jr. for his outstanding performances and dedication to the game.

Jaime Jaquez Jr. has won the Rookie of the Month award in both November and December 2023 which solidifies him in the fourth spot here in our Rookie of the Year power rankings.